Heartseeker Caitlyn Fatart- Marmoset Viewer

Old model and texture with new marmoset toolbag 3, must say I love this handy piece of software ! I tried to mimic the feel of a toy figurine for her. Too bad her toolbag scene export is way over 15MB so I can't upload it here. Download and marmoset scene set up below though.

"Some anime styled character practice. League of Legends Caitlyn fanart, base on Heartseeker fanart design by Envyra (http://envyra.deviantart.com/).

This is the finish model, game ready (except for the hair) but the quality is not high enough for the game she come from.
Low poly model done in blender and texture in Quixel and Photoshop.

Download : http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/84059"